Thursday, May 23, 2019

Shoot Rapist Pigs in the Balls

 by Jim Rousch

The British don't fuck around when it comes to the police. 

While America gives a free pass to pigs who abuse their power, Britain swings the hammer down and lets these pieces of shit know that the British legal system will treat them the same way when they fuck up, just as anyone else.

The Daily Mail 
reported Thursday the 23rd that Lee Martin-Cramp is facing life in prison after he spiked an American woman's drink and violently raped her.  To make matters worse, the girl was a devout Christian and was a virgin.  She repeatedly screamed "No!  No!"  No!"

Where was God?  Why didn't He protect her?

Since the pig spiked her drink, she had to ask him if they actually did have sex, because she remembered screaming "No!  No!  No!"

In the morning she saw blood on the sheets, and she asked if they had sex.   When the student mentioned about her V-card, the pig replied that he couldn't give it back.

This son of a bitch should be shot in the balls.  Hell, I'd do it myself-with great pleasure.  It would be wonderful to shoot the balls off a pig so that he could never rape another woman ever again, because a woman's virginity is to be treasured and respected.  Even if she's a retrovirgin, a real man does spiritual best to respect her womanhood, because she is a treasure....not a prize, asshole.

A woman would know, I'm sure.  I'm not going to get into specifics for any virgins who might be reading this.  However, any man who real man who has sex with a virgin should at least TRY to:

Shooting the balls off of pig is not a crime, but a pig raping a woman is.  Remember that a police officer is not a human being.  He is nothing more than a domestic terrorist to be crippled by the population whom he terrorizes.

Hey, I've had pigs in my own family.  One is gone and the other who pretends to be a Christian never talks to me, so there you  go.  He's actually retired now and drives a school bus.

Again, I reiterate that shooting the balls off of pig is not a crime, but a pig raping a woman is.

1) Talk her out of it the best you can (while he's fighting your own urges)
2) Should that fail, you broke it, you do your best to marry her.

Now, I did do that-and she chose continuing her six-year degree over marriage
-which we had planned on, but we went our separate ways and I was back to methods of self-destruction within a matter of days.   That's when I started becoming so self-destructive that you could have compared me to Lemmy Kilimister, or Sam Kinison-because I could drink almost anyone-and then I drove home.

Those days are over for me now.

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