Tuesday, May 14, 2019

American Third-Party Voters Are More Responsible For This Than Donald Hitler

by Jim Rousch

I have no respect for a nation that refuses to respect immigrants, people with disabilities (through no fault of their own), supports a political party that throws children into concentration camps where they die of thirst, or votes for a Republican jerkoff enough to where he can steal the election-and the third-party voters are worse than the Republican voters, because they are so stoned that they don't realize that democracy will never be fixed.

Donald Trump did this, but third party voters approved of these actions via of their votes in November of November of 2016:

Speaking only for myself, this is why I despise third-party voters more than I hate conservatives.  We already know what conservatives stand for: racism, deprivation, and genocide.   However, the independent voter is even worse than the voter who stays home, because at least the voter who stays home says that all the choices suck, while the independent voter wants Disneyland-and anyone who lives in reality knows that that not going to happen-at least not without another civil war.

Guess what?  All of those third party voters are too chickenshit to fight for what they want.  They still believe in a system that no longer works.

Of course democracy's corrupt-and that's never going to change.  It's been corrupt since Athens and Rome.  It has always been about money and power.  That's what the forest people who haven't bathed in a month don't understand.

Democracy is corrupt because of human nature.

Now, whether we make things fair through force or allow more innocent children to die, that's completely up to those who hold their respective conscience more sacred than they did their virginity.

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