Friday, April 26, 2019


Jim Rousch
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It is quite funny actually. We are a generation of owners. We owned our toys, VHS cassettes, DVD's everything. Now we are observing a populace that is content to rent their movies, applications, CRM, all on subscriptions.  Should be even be shocked that they do not own a car, but call a Uber/Lyft. Why not rent, it is in their nature. You even have to subscribe to Xbox and PS4, Netflix, Hulu. Remember when you said I am going to buy that...?

 Millennials live a different life style, live in different locations and most likely prefer different house styles from those 65 yo and older. Compare it against those who own a smart phone and use it to it's maximum effectiveness and I'd  bet you'd see the just the opposite trend.

Look at the tax rates during WW2 and you'll see that you're a total idiot or just a misinformed simpleton who has been brainwashed by the Republican Party.

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