Friday, March 1, 2019

They Just Don't Want To Talk-And How Much of YOUR CAR is American-Made, Mr. Conservative?


I just walked into school a few moments ago, and I heard the sound of an American military fighter above me.

"Well, there goes another million dollars wasted that should have gone to education,"

"You think we need more schools?" this guy with a baseball cap said as he walked from his Toyota Tundra toward the glass doors.

"Well, I'll ya that Eisenhower built a bunch of schools when he was president, and we didn't have overcrowding then.  We had the best education system in the world."

That's where the conversation ended.  He simply didn't want to hear anymore.

As someone who is the midst of obtaining a college education, one might think that he would want to discuss the subject at least a little bit, but that was the moment I realized I tried to communicate with someone who had an inferior amygdala, because America doesn't need this tremendous military budget which has now put us over $22 trillion in debt (source: .  It was $19.9 trillion, according to U.S. Treasury  and CBS News when Trump overthrew the American government.


I laugh when fellow liberals tell me that we should try to talk to conservatives and find similarities.  That's just it-there are none.

We want to build schools.  Conservatives want more military bases.
We want places for kids to go after three in the afternoon so they won't get into trouble.  Conservatives want more prisons.
We want youth sports, and conservatives want a bigger military.

You see?  There is a difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Conservatives are short-sighted and paranoid.  Anyone who believes that the United States of America needs this overkill of a military force should remember that Mexico was conquered by only about 500 Spanish soldiers, 100 sailors, and sixteen horses (source:

The United States military is the biggest waste of money the world has ever seen, and it's ineffective at best.

I didn’t know the guy’s religious affiliation, but I could make a good guess-and I would probably be right.  Isn’t it funny that the Bible repeatedly tells its readers to fear not; that God will protect them?  Didn’t Jesus Christ rebuke His disciples for their fear during the storm in which He was a sleep and they swore they were goners?  What did He say?

“Where is your faith?”

This can be found in Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:23-25.

That’s a very good question.  However, from their viewpoint, conservatives see American military might as the Hand of God.

That’s funny, because ISIS makes the same statement-and just as often as we do.

To hell with the American conservatives and to hell with ISIS.  Let’s see what VEGAS has to say on this particular matter.  What are the odds, and in whose favor?  I’m sure it would be quite an interesting bet for a Sunday afternoon, don’t you?

Now, that would be something to talk about, but conservatives would much rather spew the empty Americanism without giving any thought to it-that's because conservatives are incapable of logic and any ability to have a discussion without questioning a liberal's patriotism.

Hey, I own a Dodge that was built in Illinois and the guy to whom I spoke had a Toyota TRD truck.  Honestly, I don't know whether the truck was assembled in San Antonio, Texas or in Tahara, Japan. But forget about American parts on that thing.  As for my Dart:

Where Was My Car Made?
Enter your vehicle's year, make and model.

2015 Dodge Dart
Assembled in the United States
of parts from the U.S. and Canada

Engine from:

the United States
Transmission from: 

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

photo by Metalflame photos

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