Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Where Are the Local Democratic Versions of AOC?

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Why don't volunteers for Democratic candidate talk like AOC?  All of them are cowards.

Nancy Pelosi talks like this, but she's too diplomatic.

Barack Obama always talked like that, and that's one reason why Republicans hated him-aside from

the fact that he's black-and it's the same with Michelle.  Now, they're going after Malia.  They know

she's going to run for office.

There are too many cowards in local Democratic organizations, which is sad.  They are afraid to

fight-even and up to.  Where are the local Democrats with any anger and insistence?  There was a

time when grassroots Democrats in the United States had balls,  Please don't tell me that Barack

Obama is the last one.  Even Jimmy Carter still swings a sword at the age of 95, but those days are

long gone.

Where are the local versions of

Ed Markey of Massachusetts


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I have been in this game for 27 years, and trust me...they don't exist.  That, my friends in Europe and

Asia is what's wrong.  American Democratic volunteers have turned into pussies.  I have gotten into it

conservatives eye-to-eye.  I have had death threats, and I have nearly been killed by police.  I simply

don't care.

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