Tuesday, January 15, 2019


It was on this night 44 years ago that someone entered my life-a black Labrador whom I christened Lady.

I wasn't even five, but I hated being alone, so my parents and I went and this this little black puppy with white fur on her chest.  I don't think that she had even been fully weaned yet, but we took her home.

Lady instantly became my partner in crime, as we stood in line for our respective spankings-her, too.

She pulled me in the Radio Flyer wagon all the time, and she learned that I was (and still am) a messy eater.

When my parents and I brought Tags (Siberian Husky-German Shepherd) home as a puppy in 1984, Tags couldn't understand why Lady sat by my side of the table.  Lady was like: "Watch and learn."

Tags learned very quickly as she realized how unkempt my dining habits were (and still are, I'm ashamed to admit).  However, I'm not fat.  I'm just in too much of a hurry.

Every little boy yearns to have a dog, and mine was the best.

I know that everything has a soul, and I know Lady appreciates my remembrance of her tonight.


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