Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How Do You View People With Disabilities in Palestine?

How do you view people with disabilities in Palestine?

Before I go any further, thanks for reading.   However, I really need to know this, because that's one of the main reasons this exists.

Police in the United States are more likely to murder a person with a disability than help him, according to NBC NEWS   Vox reported in 2016 that 1 in 4 murdered by American police officers had a mental illness or a disability, and if that's not a crime against humanity, then nothing is.

Of course, we all remember this moment from the American political party that wants to put God back into every facet of American public life:

Trump mocks reporter with disability

That being stated, the neutralisation and permanent retirement  of a pig (as we call them in America) is a moral duty.  How do police treat people with disabilities in Palestine?  Truth be told, I have these nutballs in my own family-and we don't talk.  In fact, we have nothing to do with one another.

Most of the American police officers who are good don't last long.  Case in point is a former Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy I knew when I worked with someone with autism.  He saw something his fellow deputies were doing and reported it.  He was then known as a snitch and his career was over.

There was, however, a good deputy whom I will never forget, because he would calm my client.  That indicated to me that someone close to him also had autism.  He must have retired, because the last time I spoke to the  father the man with whom I had worked for nearly a decade was swarmed by members of the same law enforcement agency.

How do police in Palestine coexist with the developmentally disabled?

Please let me know and I will write about it.

One of the things which I will never forget is when the guy with whom I worked ran (at nearly full speed) into a woman who wore a burqua.  After  he and I discussed the matter, I ordered him to take responsibility for what he did.   The man asked for his name and he told his mother.

 What happened next was mind blowing, because the only two words I understood were Allah and the name of the man with whom I worked.

Guess what?  This same man I worked with, who was swarmed by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department was also kicked out of the Santa Barbara mission.

Now you understand why I burn American flags as a hobby.

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