Tuesday, November 27, 2018

They Fucked Themselves


No one should pity a jackass-no matter what he did to himself.

This writer has no pity for GM workers or Harley-Davidson workers who were stupid enough to vote for Trump, because they voted themselves out of gainful employment, and the best job they can hope for now is Walmart-which is what they deserve for voting Republican-especially, for voting for Trump, a slavedriver who has been known to pay as little as 13 cents per hour in the countries where he does business (source: CNN).

The Democrats warned voters about him, and those voters are now losing their jobs like cheerleaders lose their virginity.

The Democratic Party has always been the party of the working man.  The Republicans have always been the party of the corporations, and anyone who can’t figure that out should freeze until the warm weather returns.

Do you think that they will still be alive?

Who cares?  No one should pity one who voted against himself.