Saturday, September 22, 2018

When Your Body Doesn't Work Right

 The only part about writing which can be a bitch and a quarter is when your fingers don't cooperate and you don't realize it until after you have pressed the 'publish' button.  I'm mean, that really sucks.  You proofread the thing five times-and there's still a couple of problems!
It's embarrassing.

I used to type at least 60 words a minute a few years ago.  I know that because I would start over every time I made a mistake.  That's how I know how well my accuracy was, but enter that seizure I had I had ten years ago, and it's become a struggle.

I'm not going to give up and just accept this as is.  Hell!  If I did that, I'd never have been anything in life: a heavy metal vocalist and guitar "star" in my neighborhood (pity clap).  Hell!  I even taught myself how to play leads-I couldn't imagine that!

Meningitis destroys your brain as quickly as the Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor, but I somehow recovered from that in 1971. I was in youth sports through the 1970's as part of my physical therapy.   It took me two years to learn how to ride a bicycle, okay?

Well, it's over forty years later, and I'm right back where I started.  My fingers miss keys.  My manual dexterity sucks like a hooker.  Dory the Fish has a better short-term memory than I do, but I'm at the Master's level in school now.

Well, you'll be damned-especially when you find out that I never did drugs.

What's The Orange Bastard Going To Do Now

This is an example of racism.                                                  This is not, because he
fought for Colin.
Jackie Robinson told it like it is..                            This is I demonstrate my patriotism.
Let’s review..
This stupid, racist bastard is going to have to throw EVERYONE in prison.  What orange clown going to do.  And why was it okay for Tim Tebow to do this?
So, since you right-wing bastards have seen members of our own military do this (as well as a 97-year-old World War II veteran who fought harder and faced more danger than of the right-wing cowards who basically want to CUM on the American flag, it’s now safe to say that all of the right-wing hypocrites can shut up.
This is how you demonstrate your love of the United States of America:
It was okay for Tim Tebow because he’s white.  The World War II veteran is also white, but fought the bloodiest war in history to give us the right to kneel during the anthem, and President Lincoln (whom conservatives claim to revere) tells all of you right-wing sons of bitches off.
Yes, I keep repeating.  It has to sink into that tiny right-wing brain