Wednesday, September 5, 2018

They Just Keep On Coming


Check out this exchange that I had with another hypocrite.

This pretty much speaks for itself, as a religious extremist got on my case due to my compromised faith in God. 

Okay, so I don't like Him.  I've already said that I know that His Son did what He was too much of a coward to pull off Himself-especially since Adam was trapped.  But to blame a kid for what he experienced in his formative years n religion smacks of hatred. 

This is why I have stated before that it's very difficult for those who really try to win souls for Christ undo the damage which has been inflicted by Christians.

Notice the hatred in his tone.  Doesn't Galatians 6:1 state that he's supposed to restore faith gently.

+Wayne Madron Proverbs 15:1, Jude 1:22, and Ephesian 4:29. DON'T play with Proverbs 18:19-you'll lose every time, boy.

This guy just didn't get it, and he's the type of religious person to avoid at all costs, because he doesn't know what others have faced. It's okay. I got a kick out of his hatred-and now I'm going to do something sly.

Religious Extremists Are Bullies From the Beginning.

I remember when I went to Sylmar High School from 1985 to 1988.  There was this guy, Joel.  He was a nice kid, but he was also a pain in my ass-probably without realizing it.

I still suffer from the effects of religious trauma syndrome today, but it was really kicking my ass thirty years ago.

Trinity BROADcasting Network had become a global operation and these assholes were now affecting the outcome of American political elections to the point where the Democratic Party had to move to the center-left in order to have a chance at winning first prize at a dog and pony show at the county fair

Joel and a friend of his would walk up to me (at least once a day) and asked, "So, Jim!  Are you ready to be saved?"

Now, seeing this as a 48-year-old man, I realize that he thought he was doing what Jesus told him to do, which was to knock on my door.  However, his fifteen-year-old mind was not mature enough to understand that I had just gone through something horrible within the Church and that it nearly caused me to turn myself into a Christmas tree ornament in the back yard.

Fast forward over thirty years later, and people like myself still get the same kind of crap from the same kind of jackballs, as this religious extremist (who I eventually I had to block suggested that I didn't have enough faith, but Christ said that all one needed was faith the size of a mustard seed, so these hypocritical bastards have nothing on me.

I still have problems with this religion-as well as with religion in general.  If Trump wants to destroy the First Amendment, that should be the first to go so that other kids don't get emotionally and spiritually destroyed as I did.

The Jesus-Obama Summit

Religious freaks in the United States think they are so close to Christ because they hated Barack Obama and they love an adulterer who advocates the idea of shooting someone on 5th Avenue.

Trump is merely jealous of Barack Obama.

He knows that Obama is smarter than he is and he wants to erase Obama from American history books, but this has been tried before.

Akhenaten  ruled Egypt for a period in the 1300's BC.  We know his son, Tut.  He introduced the idea of monotheism to Egypt, as he believed in a sun god.  When he died a curse was placed over him; that no one speak his name-and no one did until the 20th Century.

Enter archeologists like Howard Carter, who found the  sarcophagus.  Tut's was also found.  Akhenaten's embalming procedure had been deliberately botched by the Egyptian priests, and they wanted Tut out so that they could regain their power over the masses-which they did-but only for a time.

It's the same situation as Trump with Obama.  Trump wants America to forget that it ever had a black president.  However, there are people like me who preserve history as it's recorded.

Oh-and forget about fucking with me-I have copies.  Just like Tut and Akhenaten, the memory of Barack Obama's accomplishments will live forever, so suck me.

Colin Kaepernik Is Protected-And So Is Every Other Player Who Kneels


There are a lot of stupid people in the United States who have absolutely no idea that Colin Kaepernik is protected by the First Amendment.
President of the National Football League, Roger Goodell has no idea that he has isolated himself by opposing the players in this matter, because he worries about losing money.
That is already a given, as there were two huge declines, and few expect this season is going to be much different.
Could it be a growing racial divide that has caused this?

Image result for Police shootings against blacks 2008-2018

The Independent cites moments when President Obama was criticized by whites for fist bumps,  and night he was rudely interrupted by a Republican piece of shit who screamed, "You lie!'" as pertaining to whether or not his healthcare plan would cover "undocumented immigrants", whatever the hell that means.

That's why Colin Kaepernik did this in the first place!Image result for colin kaepernick

White people wet their panties over that, but had no trouble with the image of President Obama being hanged!


However, the song I wrote in my heavy metal band over thirty years ago WAS NOT treason because Ronald Reagan traded American arms to Iran for the release of American hostages.  What REAGAN did was TREASON.
Racism will doom this nation, so whites need to knock it off if they love America as much as they claim that they do.  Former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch said, that hate crimes are a stain on America's soul.

Let me put it to you white sons of bitches this way.  So, you say you love Abraham Lincoln, there's a little quote made in 1858 in which he expressed his doubts on harmony.  If you revere Abraham Lincoln as much as you claim to, punish pigs who harrass based on race, execute them for their lynchings of the same, and admit that the pigs are always in the wrong whenever they deal with a black man, because American cops support a system that  leaves black men down at the bottom.

Not a God damned thing has changed since the foundation of this country, and anyone who tells me otherwise lies out of his unwiped ass.

Oh, one more thing, you stupid and inbred sons of cousins.  This has happened before.

Jackie Robinson became God.  Colin Kaepernick is next-even if he never plays again.