Sunday, June 24, 2018

Whites Should Be Deported

This whole crap about deporting immigrants has got me thinking.

Why don't the Sioux, the Cheyenne, the Apache, the Comanche, and the rest of the originals treat us as we are treating immigrants?  It's their right to do so.

After all, if anyone came here illegally before anyone else it was the white man, so kick him out first!

He stole land, raped women, poisoned the rivers, killed the children in cold blood, and took without asking, so who is he to bitch about what people from Mexico do upon their arrival into the United States-regardless of how they arrive?

I personally don't give a damn what the immigrants do, as I hope they do to us what we did to the Indians.  Roughly half of this country belonged to Mexico in the first place, as you will see in this graphic.

See the source image

Americans (especially whites) have no right to complain about immigrants, especially since this second graphic shows what would become the future United States looked like before we stole everything:

Donald Trump and his deplorables can simply go to Hell and burn, because they have no right to complain about invasion of land and destroying lives-that is the white man's specialty.  Furthermore, American white liberals need to reinforce the fact that this country never belonged to us. 

Not only did we steal every square inch of this place, but we continue to our efforts to displace human beings, if not kill them outright.

Standing Rock-'nuff said, bitch.

American White Liberals Suck

I have to apologize for the cowardice of the average white American liberal, as he is a coward.

In his refusal to weaponize, he has allowed the Trump regime to transform the United States into one of history's worst nations after President Barack Obama surpassed all worldly expectations and rebuilt the United States into a powerhouse.

Then again, Democrats are known for repairing the damage inflicted by the Republican Party to the American economy.  Republican economic policies only favor the rich while they deprive those most vulnerable in American society-like all those fetuses they wanted to become babies.

Once again, the Republicans in Congress are in the process of trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.  However, they just can't seem to do it.

Trump believes he can just tear the paper and go on with his day, as he has no respect for American jurisprudence-just look at how he got into the White House in the first place, having lost by nearly three million votes to Hillary Clinton.

However, I digress.
The white middle-class American liberal is spineless because he fears that he will lose his livelihood, should his boss catch him in any political activity which rivals his own racist and theocratic fascist view.

Blacks and Hispanics take to the streets, and some are willing to do what it takes.   However, the white college-educated liberal is a coward; forgetting that the Founding Fathers put their lives, fortunes, and sacred honour on the line.  These white "liberals" would rather attack someone who tells them to stand up for themselves instead of telling their boss to go fuck himself with a wah-wah brush.

I may be a white American liberal, yes.  However, I am willing to do whatever is necessary to save my nation's reputation while restoring vital civil liberties.  The only problem is that I can't do it alone-no one can. 

George Washington couldn't fight King George III alone.  It took multitudes of people to help him win at Yorktown in October of 1781.  Now, I am by no means any George Washington.  However, the point is leaders need an army.  Moses needed the Children of Israel to cooperate if that generation was ever going to make it to the Promised Land.

Moses received no such cooperation, as they worshiped the Golden Calf while he was in the course of receiving the Ten Commandments from God.  It was under Joshua that the Israelites took the Promised Land, because it was obvious that the Children of Israel hadn't suffered enough.  To deal with the brutality of Ramses II wasn't enough for them.  They deprived themselves of the glory they would have received by not waiting a little while longer for their leader to return from Sinai.

And so, the world's final hope continues to crumble-all because the American white liberal lacks the balls to cast aside his moral conviction and do what must be done to save American democracy and America's place on the world stage.

If Martin Luther King, Jr.'s tactics were so effective, why is Michael Brown lying in a grave instead of going out with his girlfriend tonight?

Donald Trump and Bigotry Have Destroyed America

Senior Justice Department official Jack H Weil stated that three-year-old immigrants are capable of representing themselves in court, according to The Daily Mail.  He further asserted in the article released Sunday that a three-year-old child can learn the law.

Well, we all know how conservatives fair in the realm of Science, but this goes much deeper than that.

Here is how Science tells you the way the brain works.

Now, you tell this writer how in the hell a three-year-old can represent himself in a court of law when they have no concept of the idea of object permanence or feeling secure.

This is how evil Trump's Nazi regime is.  They deny Science at any level and will do so in order to justify their bigotry.  The funny thing is that many Christians still follow this racist, which is why this columnist cannot wait for 2 Peter 3:4 to come to pass, as that will be when people will ask the religionists 'where is this coming' that was promised.  What's more, here is their Bible's view on the subject of immigration.

See the source image

This columnist can't blame Republican voters for this as much, because conservatives are bigots by their very nature, and they are found to be less intelligent (source: . 

They are xenophobes and will do whatever they believe is necessary to rid a different person out of their line of tunnel vision.  All conservatives are going to burn in Hell like an American flag anyway for their hypocrisy.  I blame the Sanders and Stein voters who split the Democratic vote in 2016.  Each one of them should be taken and flogged for their refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton-even though she still won the vote by nearly three million.

This nation which once welcomed immigrants has now cursed itself via a deranged demagogue, and the hatred which he spews has already destroyed America's reputation.
America has become evil, heartless, and disgusting. 

When an American judge in a court of law insists that a three-year-old child can represent himself in court without realizing the adult consequences of his or her words, it's time to burn the city on the hill to ashes. 

New Woman and Second Chances

I'm returning to the psychology field next month for a nineteen month program which will give me a Master's degree-and I'm going to need it.

I have found someone wonderful and she is ready for a new beginning.

Is she American?  Hell, no, as the vast majority of American women have a habit of kicking men to the curb after an injury-and I know that from personal experience.

This woman is not American, nor has she asked me for a single dime from me, but instead suggests that we pool our resources together, not in one account, but that she will save on her end and I will on mine.

That's how a woman is supposed to behave.

She is someone whom I found unexpectedly.

If anyone said I would find someone on a dating site, I'd call the Betty Ford Center on his ass, but we found each other on E-Harmony.

I had tried three sites-and struck out at least 500 times on each one.  The reason?  American women don't like men who are in pieces.  They want men in one piece so that they can work until they drop dead.

Hey, someone's got to pay that Macy's credit card, right?  You know that she won't do it.

I even tried American women on these sites, but it was the same problem: money.

Funny, but don't the vows say that you love each other for richer or for poorer?  American women generally don't take marriage vows seriously, as they are out the door once something bad happens to the husband.

Not only do you all know what happened to me, but you also know the outcome.  She wanted a divorce, so I gave it to her.

My advice to American males is to grow a pair of balls and kick American women to the curb.  They are only living for themselves.  Most of them don't cook and most of them don't want sex-at least not with you, anyway.

Get a good foreign girl-just make sure she doesn't ask you for money first.

I love my Filipina queen.