Friday, April 13, 2018


This is when local yokel armchair liberals make me want to take my Louisville Slugger and hit a Mercedes, because Trump’s military action could have been stopped long before it happened.

“Liberals” on Facebook should be blamed for their unwillingness to stop Donald Trump, as they had absolutely no plan to counter him.  All they knew to do was to do the same stupid crap they did in the 1960’s, which was to demonstrate peacefully, write their Congressmen (while forgetting the fact that the Republican Party owns the House and Senate), and advertise their worst fears on social media.

Didn’t that just work so fucking God damn well?
Of course, most of them take absolutely no responsibility for what they have enabled Trump to do.

In no way do I blame Democrats in Washington, D.C. for what has happened today, as they are outnumbered by the Republicans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Worse yet, Trump acted unilaterally.  His numbers are so dismal during a mid-term election year that even his syphilitic brain can figure out that he needs to wag the dog to unite the country.

This may work-temporarily-because it worked for both Bushes.  However, the state of the American economy led to their ultimate doom as well as their ultimate legacy.  One may remind me of 2004.  However, we know what happened that year,  as Republican operatives in Ohio fixed the vote, according to's_2004_vote_count_for_bush_to_win

The problem is that local Democrats (those who work 40-hour/week jobs and drink wine) passively accepted the rigged outcomes and took it up the ass with a wah-wah brush.  Meanwhile, the Democratic Party pushed for investigations, and this is the difference between the Democratic Party and soccer Democrats.  Those who are involved in party politics know what they are doing-especially the higher up they are, while those at the local levels passively accept rigged outcomes and tell militants like myself that there’s nothing that we can do about it, except vote Democratic again four years from now.

Soccer Democrats think I’m crazy, but that’s okay.  I suppose that being accepted by pussies isn’t at the top of my priority list.

Wouldn’t you agree?

MSNBC coverage of Trump's Stupidity

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