Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Trump's Racist Policy Expands How Will Facebook Liberals Respond?

Not content with deporting Hispanics, Adolf Trump now turns his attention to immigrants from Vietnam; many of whom have been here for decades.
I remember when they began to come here in the mid-1970s.  They became very successful in the United States in a very short period of time, as they quickly adjusted to their new country and took advantage of every opportunity which was thrown their way.

They earned their successes in spite of their those who tried to kick them out over forty years ago, but now it has come down to a racist right-wing dictator who stole an American presidential election with Russian assistance.

Among the targets, are the children of the American-allied Montagnards, who continue to be persecuted in Vietnam for both their ethnicity and Christian religion, according to MSNBC.

It seems that this is Trump's attempt at getting revenge as he only garnered 27% of the Asian vote, according to NPR.

It's clear that Trump is into ethnic cleansing.  It's clear that he is a tyrant.  It's clear that he wants a white America.  The only question is whether or not the pussy Facebook "liberals" are going to take a stand and fight for another oppressed minority.

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