Saturday, December 1, 2018

Happy 13

My niece just turned 13 today, and she has already overcome a lot of crap.

Because of her mother's smoking and substance abuse, my niece experienced a stroke in utero.  She's still struggling from the effects, but has made tremendous progress in that she has figured out how to outwit her cerebral palsy, which is the reason why parents who don't push their children who have disabilities are directly to blame for their child's poor outcome as they enter adulthood.

As one who holds a degree in psychology, I hold the school of thought that anyone who gives up on their disabled child should serve a life sentence in solitary confinement.  After all, that is what the parent imposed upon their child for either giving into their rebellion or simply not trying at at all.
Hey, I had meningitis which either should have killed me or left me with a low IQ, because everything was affected-including the brain stem.

Did my niece's mother help her with her occasional and physical therapy?   Well, let's just say that her therapists noticed regression.  However, since the mother has removed herself from her daughter's life, my niece has learned how to dance, taken piano and violin lessons and is a first soprano.

My fiancĂ©e also has cerebral palsy, yet she gets around.  She becomes more independent as time progresses and, like my niece, has learned to cook.

My niece's plans are to an Ivy League school-and her mother kept the pacifier in her mouth.

 If this doesn't prove that parents of developmentally disabled children are directly responsible for any lack and that they should be prosecuted for the same, I don't know what does.  However, let it be stated that all therapies should be paid for by the federal government, as it is in the federal government's best interest to see to it that all citizens are healthy from the beginning or after a tragedy.

Happy Birthday, kid.  You're going to be whatever you want-and no one can deny you.


Uncle Jim

December 1, 2018

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