Thursday, November 8, 2018

3 for 31 on Tuesday Night

That's what winning looks like to a syphilitic idiot like Donald Trump.

The Democrats didn't have the great blue wave which most local volunteers expected.  However, Trump still had his sticky ass handed to him on Tuesday night.  And it's about to get worse as the Democrats take over the House of Representatives, because it means nothing is going to pass.

You can bet that the Democratic Party is going to inflict its revenge upon Trump for stealing the 2016 election-an election which Hillary Clinton actually won by three million votes.

Trump will be forced to show everyone what he truly is-a fascist dictator, as he will try to enforce his will by decree-and that's going to be difficult when you consider that he can only enforce his will on 13-year-old girls instead of on Melania, who quite frankly, bitch that she is, has grown sick of his bullshit.

There may be hope for this country yet, as a lot of red coats were taken down, but I was realistic about the fact that no blue wave was going to crash upon Wigboy because America is divided between intelligent people and morons; the intelligent people who are highly educated and want impoverished children to succeed and the idiotic religious freak who votes with his fundamentalist religious nonsense.  I mean even Christ opposes these morons because they go by the letter of the law and violate the heart of the same.

So the fact that Trump went 3 for 31 on Tuesday night means he would be worse at playing baseball than he is at being a dictator.

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