Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Democrats Had Better Use This Moment

The Democrats had better use this as an opportunity to take Trump down in two years because it's the perfect thirty second ad.

"America is the laughing stock of the world," said Donald Trump-and he's right for once as the entire body of the United Nations laughed in his face..  The only thing is that it was he who turned American into the laughing stock, not the Democrats.

America used to be a winner-until Donald Trump.  Donald Trump was selected by inbred white people and cowardly white liberals who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton.  It was already too late by the time Bernie Sanders came to his senses and tried to unite the Democrats, as that crazy old man never should have tossed his hat in the ring in the first place.

Anyone who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton in both the primaries and the General Election is to be held responsible for what is to currently happening to us as nation and as a superpower, and I meant what I wrote what I stated the position that they should never be allowed to vote again, because they are the same jackasses who voted for Ralph Nader twice.

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