Saturday, September 29, 2018

It's easy to understand why Donald Trump has a fear of being laughed at.  He's a coward and a dickless wonder-just ask Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump is a coward who has piled failure upon failure between his multiple bankruptcies and all of his divorces. 

Jesus Christ!  Even this one tells him what to do!

His son doesn't respect him and no one takes him seriously.  This is one of the reasons why he throws his tantrums.  Another, of course, is due to the fact that he has no credibility. 

He even gets into the wrong limousine.  Remember when that happened?

Donald Trump is a God damn moron, and anyone with any sense knows that.  The only question is whether or not the Democratic Party can fend off independent movements like the one Bernie Sanders started, because the Democrats lose every time some idiot like Sanders or Ralph Nader gets in their way.

It is this columnist's view that there should only be two presidential candidates, and all you need to do is look at the American presidential election of 1860 to see as to why that should be.

This is what you get when more than two political parties are allowed into the November election.  Guess what happened between November of 1860 and March of 1861?  The United States was on the brink of civil war, which began on April 12, 1861.

You have a divided country.
You have chaos.
You have instability.

This is why only two parties should be allowed in any presidential election, as the world cannot handle another four years of Donald Trump.

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