Thursday, September 27, 2018

Guilty, But It Won't Matter

Brett Kavanaugh is clearly guilty of rape, but with the Party of Rape running all three houses of the American government, it's likely he will be confirmed.

I wonder how all the granola-eating Jill Stein voters feel now, as well as the Berniebots.  It's obvious that they have no shame and would throw this country under the bus for naive political ideals as much as the Republicans thrown this country under the bus by selling the United States to Russia.

I wonder if all of the granola-eaters remember that this bastard might force their daughter to carry a zygote to term after her teacher raped her.  Well, weren't they so fucking smart for 'voting their conscience' in an election year that truly mattered due to the number of Supreme Court justices who are up for retirement?  This is why I blame the granola-eating left more than I blame the Nazi right.   You expect the Nazi Republicans to feature a bastard like Brett Kavanaugh, but for the third-party morons to refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton is simply unforgivable. 

Were it up to me, they would never be allowed to vote ever again. 

You read that correctly. 

There should only be one party in this country; the Democratic Party.  However, if anyone is stupid enough to want a choice, knowing full well that the Republicans cut education every chance they get, fine.  Let the granola eaters have their way and allow only two parties.

Anyone who still maintains that there is no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party simply needs to be taken out into the alley for a good beating with a 9-iron and left bleeding in the moonlight, as there are those on both sides of the American political spectrum who are just too stupid to vote.  On the right, you have women who vote Republican and on the left, you have idealists who want a pure democracy which is free of corruption.

Yeah, right.  What would Steven Tyler say about things like that?

Dream on, yes-however, that dream will never come true.

Of course, the "Independents" (whom I have labeled as 'granola eaters') will never take responsibility for what is happening because the baby boomer generation has never taken responsibility for anything for the length of its existence since their parents fucked in 1945 and they started rolling off the DeSoto auto plant in 1946, as they continue to make the same excuses; that both parties are corrupt and that we need to get money out of politics.   However, if they didn't smoke so much dope at Woodstock or dropped LSD, they would have understood that money has always corrupted democracies since the days of Athens and Rome.

So, we're fucked.  The only way we can save this country is the same way we freed ourselves from the British Empire, but these candyasses don't have the balls to fight.  This means that once American democracy ceases to exist, the rest of the world will go the same route.

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