Thursday, August 9, 2018


I was all set to for my first semester back.  However, my baby sister, who runs three mental institutions, is a professor at two colleges, and has her own private practice, suggested to me that I might want to enter a different field for my Master's, and that is human rights and social justice.

I can see her point, as my first inclination is to beat the hell out of a bully until he is crippled for life.  My frontal lobes go out of control, and he's bleeding before anyone knows what's going on.

You see, I simply don't like bigots, racists, or bullies.  And having been bullied to the point of near suicide, I know how to deal with them.

Go the principal once and record the conversation in your pocket.  There's no second step after that.  You just beat the living shit out of your problem until he can't breathe.

Yeah, yeah.  Whatever, I get it!  I understand that it's illegal to do this in different states.  So what?  My advice is that people shouldn't fuck with someone whose frontal lobes have been trashed because the frontal lobes govern temperament.  Which would you rather have a kid illegally record a conversation with his principal about who is shoving his head down a shit-filled toilet, or do you want to see that same kid hang from his closet?

Yeah, that's what I figured, so shut up.

How do you know whose frontal lobes are damaged?  That my friend, is what make it fun.  You don't know who it is!

We live in an age where the reason why there is no right or wrong in America anymore is because authority figures blame victims for what happened.  And therefore, one must do whatever is necessary to survive elementary school, middle school, and high school

That's if I remain in psychology.  However, in human rights and social justice....what a minute!  I'd promote the same course of action!

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