Sunday, June 24, 2018

Whites Should Be Deported

This whole crap about deporting immigrants has got me thinking.

Why don't the Sioux, the Cheyenne, the Apache, the Comanche, and the rest of the originals treat us as we are treating immigrants?  It's their right to do so.

After all, if anyone came here illegally before anyone else it was the white man, so kick him out first!

He stole land, raped women, poisoned the rivers, killed the children in cold blood, and took without asking, so who is he to bitch about what people from Mexico do upon their arrival into the United States-regardless of how they arrive?

I personally don't give a damn what the immigrants do, as I hope they do to us what we did to the Indians.  Roughly half of this country belonged to Mexico in the first place, as you will see in this graphic.

See the source image

Americans (especially whites) have no right to complain about immigrants, especially since this second graphic shows what would become the future United States looked like before we stole everything:

Donald Trump and his deplorables can simply go to Hell and burn, because they have no right to complain about invasion of land and destroying lives-that is the white man's specialty.  Furthermore, American white liberals need to reinforce the fact that this country never belonged to us. 

Not only did we steal every square inch of this place, but we continue to our efforts to displace human beings, if not kill them outright.

Standing Rock-'nuff said, bitch.

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