Wednesday, March 28, 2018

White American Terrorist Group Bullies Parkland Victims and How Schools and the the NRA Are To Blame

One of America's largest terrorist groups has seen their donations skyrocket since the Parkland shooting.

CNN reported Wednesday that donations to the National Rifle Association have tripled since the massacre occurred in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day, in which 17 students were shot by a former student of the school.

Donations to the American terrorist group spiked from nearly $248,000 in January of 2018 to more than $779,000 the following month, according to the report which was written by AJ Willingham, CNN.

While those on the right want to discuss the American culture, it refuses to address issues such as bullying. 

Why was Nikolas Cruz expelled from Parkland High School?  What is his history?  Authorities would not delve into the details as to why Cruz was expelled, but Time did some investigation-you know, that thing that police are supposed to do, but usually don't.

What Time Magazine Found Out About Nikolas Cruz and Why He Shot Up Parkland High School

What Time learned is that this sick society has to get to the root of the behavior, because more kids are getting expelled.  What's more, the American Psychological Association discovered that zero-tolerance policies have made things worse, not better-especially with students who have disabilities.

 "Although there are less data available, students with disabilities, especially those with emotional and behavioral disorders, appear to be suspended and expelled at rates disproportionate to their representation in the population." 

(source:Students with Disabilties targeted by Zero Tolerance Policies-APA, pg. 6)

We have punished school shooters for decades, but we let the real criminals continue to engage in their sociopathic ways-right up until they join the NRA or the local police department.

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