Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Question for Europeans and Canadians

May I ask my audience in European and Canada a simple question?

Why do you put up with us?

You continue to notice how stupid and easily led the American voting public continues to be.  Americans claim to hate Trump, but they sure fear skin color!  In fact, it was you who first called us on our lies after you read Thomas Jefferson's words regarding all men being free and equal.  Your answer:  "Excuse me, but don't you own human beings and beat the shit out of them when they don't do things fast enough for your liking?"
I mean, once in a while, some sense pops into our heads and we see how badly unregulated capitalism destroys our economy, so we elect a Democrat for eight years-before the cycle repeats itself.

I mean, you already know how dumb our kids are; where we rank in Math and Science, so what is it about us?  I truly want to know!

Is it the good old days?
Is it our "ideals" (which we never live up to-and don't even try anymore).

We have a syphilitic mad man in the White House-Germany warned American voters about Trump.  I remember that.

Our people are divided on both sides.  This is something I don't want to watch, yet it's happening in front of my eyes.

Dear Europeans,

You are more cultured than we are, smarter than we are, and in better control of your faculties than we are.

Why rely on us anymore?

America has become a nation of rednecks, hillbillies, and trailer trash who despise the idea of going to college.

The American right does not know how to debate in a civil manner today.  The worst thing of all is that those who make up the political right are the white working class who get plundered by the banks.

America was the promise, but now we have become the curse.  You must still be here because you hold out hope-and I hope you're right. 

Thanks for not kicking our asses right out the door.

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