Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hello, Indonesia!

I wish to thank those who found me here in Indonesia.

My name is Jim Rousch and I run this madhouse.  I specialize in advocating for oppressed people everywhere-and I don't care where you come from.

I have a degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix and I have been in American presidential campaigns as a Democrat since 1992.  Prior to that, however, I played in a heavy metal band in Los Angeles, California between 1985 and 1987.  I was political in those days, as well, as I despised Ronald Reagan, and still view him as a traitor (Iran-Contra).

My main focus is on equal rights-especially for those with developmental disabilities like autism, as I worked in that field for nearly ten years.  Even if you don't have a developmental disability and have some kind of physical ailment for which you face discrimination, I still want to help you.

Let me know if you need help and I'll tell your story.  If I can't help you, someone near you probably can.

Again, thank you.

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