Thursday, November 23, 2017


It’s strange to see the Los Angeles ANYBODIES beat the Dallas Cowboys AT HOME on THANKSGIVING, but that’s exactly what happened on Thursday-especially when that team is under .500.  The funny thing is that the Dallas Cowboys are now under .500, themselves.

This goes to show that anyone can beat anyone on any day.  The irony is that I would have made the same statement about my favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Rams.  I mean, the Cowboys simply don’t lose on Thanksgiving.  That just doesn’t happen.

Isn’t strange how a weaker team can take down a stronger team at home during the day on which that stronger team is notorious for tearing any team a new rectum?

And so as it is with you.

You might not be the strongest person in the gym, the A student in class, or the most productive executive at work, but you might have the ability to take the strong man down when he least expects it, and on his home turf.

Could you imagine how vindicated you would feel and how humiliated your enemy would feel? 

He would be in denial.  He would first deny that it even happened-but there it would be in the records.  However, since our Internet is about to be censored by the Trump regime, don’t worry.  There is always some group of American leftists who ultimately ruin Republican plans for destroying our nation-and the world.

Yeah, it’s just an American football game, and I had absolutely no intention of working today.  However, this was too good to pass up, and I had to inject the analogy into this-even though Americans aren’t supposed to work on Thanksgiving.  

As you read yesterday, this is a celebration for white people, yet it is a day of mourning for the descendants of America’s original inhabitants.  I hope that this nation’s original inhabitants, who are the underdogs right now, can begin an violent uprising and teach us some manners.

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