Thursday, November 2, 2017

Starting Over

Having to start over again as a Master’s candidate is interesting when one has traumatic brain injury.
The classes seem to move a little more quickly, but that might just be my perception, as this is only my first class.
I’m in somewhat of a luxurious position, because this is my only job.  I don’t drive forty-five minutes one way and an hour and a half en route to my abode.  That would be L.A.-and that probably would drive me to commit homicide…even though I do miss Los Angeles, with its culture, its scenes, Topanga Canyon Road, Zuma Beach, The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, and so on.
On second thought, the gas prices would drive me crazy, too.
I remember that gas was $5 a gallon before George W. Bush left office-and that was in the San Fernando Valley.
However, I digress.
I realize that more is expected of me at this level, but I know that my brain can handle this.  We’ll get through this two year-long intestinal tract together.
Armed with a learning disability, I know that I have a lot of information for my fellow classmates on how to help these kids.  The strangest thing is that I never thought I would sign up to teach-I never wanted to.
Why am I pursuing this degree?  Teachers are unionized (unless they are in a private school), and I deserve the extras which come with unionization-especially a pension.
Pensions are rare now because of the 401K-and a good number of people have to work longer because of that.  Do I feel sorry for them?   No.  Educated people don’t do stupid things, like opting out of guaranteed money for playing the stock market.
That’s why I have opted for this thankless job.  It’s better than being a community trainer and you are rewarded when the time comes-unless a Republican comes and takes it from you first.

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