Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Screaming At Grassroots Democrats in America

Since you are doing things the stupid way (the same thing that didn’t work last time, and you know what it is.  You do it every day on Facebook, but make ZERO IMPACT) I’m turning my Millennium Falcon around and I’m attacking that Imperial starship head-on.

I understand you don’t get the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK reference, but the world looks on in horror as you allow this American Hitler to destabilize everything through your inaction and your cowardice.

Voting doesn’t work anymore, nor do petitions.  Get that through your heads.  MUCH OF the money the RNC acquires is most likely from governments like Saudi Arabia, so anyone who truly believes that campaign finance reform will benefit us is more naive than a sweet 16.  The only reason I
vote now is for solely for the purposes maintaining the facade, but you know as well as I that Republicans are given “close” elections, yet all you do is cry.

It’s not that all politicians are crooks.  It’s because you allow them to steal elections and you refuse to engage in an uprising of any kind.

Remember that demonstrations don’t work anymore.  The enemy just lets us yell for a few hours until we get tired, and then they resume the act of plundering us.

Don’t count on Bernie Sanders, either.  You either PHYSICALLY RESIST what Trump is doing to us, or you take the shaft.

Don’t blame Dianne Feinstein.  Don’t blame Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


If you don’t know what I’m doing, then we Democrats are in deeper trouble than I thought-and your self-pity is even worse than the gerrymandering the Republicans engage in, because all you do is bend over for them.


What you’re doing now help our candidates.

The world depends on US, so quit fucking up!  Vote with your HEADS, not your HEARTS!

You saw the results last year.

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