Sunday, November 12, 2017

Christians Mock Those Who Struggle

Everyone makes a mistake, and mine was going to church today, because I want my niece to be different than the way I turned out.  The pastor's sermon was contradictory to my life, as it never worked out the way the Bible claims it will.  However, what was to come, was even worse.

Yes, I take communion, as I know Christ rose.  However, I usually walk out of the sanctuary afterwards and wait for all the other bullshit to end so that we can all get the hell out of there.

Having a degree in psychology, I noticed a purple brochure about depression and I absorbed it, saying: "This is a lot of what early psychologists said back in the 19th Century.  See?  Always trust Science."

"I'd rather trust the Bible," an older woman of her early seventies replied in a burnt orange dress.

"The same Bible that tells you not to make friends with an angry man in Proverbs?"

Here is where it all began:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

"Why are you here?" she asked insultingly.

"Do you realize that people like you nearly caused me to commit suicide and that heavy metal is the reason why I'm still here?  You're a heartless bitch to say what just said to me."

The conversation deteriorated to the point at which I was asked to go outside, but I returned and found her.

"Jude 1:22, bitch!  Have mercy to those who doubt!"

The problem with Christianity is that it will not acknowledge the accuracy of Science.  And while some will point out that Science is occasionally rewritten, I remind the critics that more discoveries are made as the technology improves.

"Holy books are full of crap because they do not explain behaviors, but merely condemn them."

Now, you might ask why someone with a degree in psychology still struggles emotionally.  I have brain damage, you know.  That's a major factor.  The only problem is that Christians don't believe in Science.

Perhaps what is most ironic is the fact that listening to Black Sabbath's final release, The End, took all of the misery away.

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