Sunday, October 29, 2017

Go Ahead, Fine With Me.

Having a hate club is interesting. 

While one expects the enemy to hate him, it’s rather hilarious when one’s own supposed allies can’t stand him, either.

This columnist would rather see the Democratic Party shift radically to the left, where it was a long time ago.  However, one deals with the electorate which exists.  And right now, the average American voter can easily be talked out of concepts which are mutually beneficial to society.

It wasn’t that long ago that Americans believed that Jim Crow laws were moral.  It took a lot of blood and two Supreme Court decisions to change the minds of those in American society.  

Sanders admitted that his job was to radically transform the Democratic Party to where it was during a time when Ronald Reagan won two elections.  While he did not use those exact words, that was the general idea.

This is because Ronald Reagan captivated the blue-collar vote-just as Donald Trump has.  Now, Trump occupies the White House and the “progressives” blame the only true Democrat who ran for president in November of 2016.

What did Bernie Sanders say about my party? 

Can you figure out how a political party who arduously tries to raise the minimum wage can possibly be morally bankrupt?

One of Vermont’s former governors, Madeleine Kunin explained Bernie Sanders in one sentence: “He plays it both ways.”

Well, he did get support from the National Rifle Association in 1990, despite his poor rating with the organization.

While it is the Democrats who try to raise the minimum wage and while Democrats fight to maintain the eight-hour day, Sanders has called the Democratic Party morally bankrupt

According to Buzzfeed News, Sanders said that a speech by JFK made him sick.

Sanders’ complaint about President Kennedy, according to Buzzfeed News, was his staunch opposition to communism.

And this is who the ‘bots truly believed would win swing states in November of 2016?

Perhaps one of most hilarious facts is that these “progressives” who claim to espouse non-violence are just as insulting and hate-filled as any conservative.   While that’s not to say that this columnist isn’t exactly in the clear regarding that issue, at least this columnist admits that he could push a religious conservative’s head through a car windshield and walk away with a clean conscience.  Conversely, progressives usually talk about being peaceful, but pay attention to what happens as the exchange continues, and you will notice that they become intense.

The Democratic leadership should do something about the progressive problem, as those who call themselves such are not the modern-day contemporaries of Teddy Roosevelt-who was a progressive.

That’s why Teddy ultimately left the Republican Party.

Conservatives hate me because I believe in compassion-but only for those who are in trouble through no fault of their own.

Progressives hate me because I know what the American public will allow and what it won’t allow at a particular point in time.  I also know why Americans have the views they do, so I have no problem with most of their childish bile. 

This is why I explain to progressives that you have to let that dummy in Kansas who has voted Republican since the 1964 election lose his wife to cancer because the insurance company opted for the cheaper treatment.

Just let her go.

Why?  Remember the Harry and Louise campaign which derailed the health care campaign in 1994?

Progressives need to stop talking to conservatives because it simply doesn't solve anything.  Mitch McConnell had no intention of compromising with President Obama, so what makes a progressive believe that he or she is going to have any success in talking to someone who lives in a trailer park in Mississippi that everyone is supposed to be equal?

Whether my enemy is a conservative or a progressive, bring family into it, and not only do I become the meanest motherfucker on the planet, but that progressive proves he is just as much the troll and the same terrorist as is the Republican, but progressives who act like conservatives prove they have a losing argument.

Do something with that demonstration sign you use when you engage in peaceful protests, will you please?

Do that which the corporations do to you every time you vote for an independent.  After all, it saves corporations the paperwork and you seem to enjoy it.

So, go ahead and hate me.  Call me every name in the thesaurus.  Doubt my liberal credentials.

You’re only hurting yourself and you give me a good laugh in the process.

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