Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bernie Sanders Is Not the Left's Messiah

While the Berniebots will tell you that there is something terribly wrong with the Democratic Party, the truth is that they are nothing but political terrorists who have defamed the left into something which it can never be.

Berniebots did everything they could to divide the Democratic Party-and they practically succeeded, because our party is as much in a civil war as are the Republicans.
    Of course we want Medicare for all.
    Of course college should be free.
    Of course polluters should be punished-which, by the way, Sanders was successful in moving a toxic waste dump from white Vermont to a poor Latino community in Texas-and you don’t have to believe me, because here is the information straight from Politifact.  This author now quotes the article.

 Voted to dump Vermont’s nuclear waste in a majority Latino community in Sierra Blanca, Texas
“In 1998, the House of Representatives approved a compact struck between Texas, Vermont and Maine that would allow Vermont and Maine to dump low-level nuclear waste at a designated site in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Sanders, at the time representing Vermont in the House, cosponsored the bill and actively ushered it through Congress.
Located about 16 miles from the Mexican border, Sierra Blanca’s population is predominantly of Mexican ancestry. At the time, the community was about two-thirds Latino, and its residents had an average income of $8,000, according to the an article in the Bangor Daily News.

This is the Hippies’ political savior. 
Gee, if this columnist didn’t know any better, it sure seems as if Bernie Sanders came across as racist.  After all, why put a toxic waste dump in a Latino community?   That’s something that one expects from Republicans, but that’s not someone calls himself a Democratic Socialist behaves.
Someone whom I care about is from Mexico, and no one wants to see what would happen if she were harmed.

It’s possible that these ‘bots don’t believe me to be a liberal because I am willing to go there-and that’s fine with me.  However, to declare oneself to be a leftist while supporting a bigot like Bernie Sanders is about as dishonest as anyone can be.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the National Rifle Association helped him in 1990.


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