Monday, May 20, 2019

Here's An Idea!

You know, I have to laugh at tattoos like that, and I'll tell you why.

First, no male should hit a woman.  You're not a man if you do.   However, it takes two to play this fucking game.  May I ask the Nicole Simpsons in the studio audience a question?

Why do you go out with guys who beat the shit out of you and worse?  I mean, here you are trying demonstrate how "equal" you are to us, and you not only reject good men who would never hurt you, you stay with the Donald Trumps of the world-and you vote for that bastard, too.
Jesus Fucking Christ!  How could you be so fucking stupid?  You're losing your reproductive rights, and you're going to lose everything else. 

Donald Trump is a motherfucking rapist, and you had a woman ready to protect you from rapists...but, no.  You stuck with the rapist.

Trump rapes little girls

I know what you're thinking; that if I'm such a great guy, why am I cursing you out?  Well, it seems to be the only language most of you respond to these days.  Second, a lot of men are just tire of the bad attitudes and platinum credit cards.  Third, hardly any of you thank a man who opens a door for you-that's when we know how to behave toward you.

You see?  You've done this to yourself.