Friday, March 22, 2019

Brazen Lies By American Police

The cops in Douglas County, Colorado tried to frame two charges on me, as I found out in court on
March 21, 2019 when I went to court.

I was already to plead guilty to the illegal left turn.  After all, I had been informed that I turned left on that red arrow, but everything changed when I was told I was in an accident.  I thought they were telling the truth about the red arrow, but I stood up when I heard about the accident.

The cop lied.

The prosecutor looked at the recording, comes back and informs me that I didn’t even run the red arrow.

He’s going to get it from his sergeant, because I called to protest.

They just keep fucking with me.  Remember that bastard who waited for me to pull out of the parking space-and then HE FOLLOWED ME!

Douglas County, Colorado.

I was willing to get shot, because I knew that I was being harassed, but it’s no surprise he lied-just relief that he got caught.

I hope this story is over.