Thursday, February 21, 2019

For Every Jackball in America Who Believes That English is the Official Language of the United States, You're About To Need a New Pair of Shorts.


I love it when whites scream that immigrants should speak English-especially when the inbred dumbfucks can't speak it properly themselves.

Ain't Ain't a word, you fucking idiot.

And if you think that English is the official language of this fucking city dump, I love to burst your bubble right here:

IT'S NOT!!!!
We have a lot of idiots who have been screaming the lie that 'we speak English here' at immigrants for a very long time.  However, it has become spread like a social disease ever since Donald Trump became Fuhrer of the United States.

The attempt to force immigrants into speaking a language that domestic terrorists can't even speak properly themselves is nothing new.

When the American Revolution was fought and won, there were Americans who spoke numerous language, among which were Dutch, French, and German.  The Founding Fathers didn't want to alienate anyone-at least anyone who was white, so they just left everything as well.  The only people who were fucked with for no reason were the Indians and enslaved blacks.  White slave masters forced the blacks to learn English so as to prevent rebellions.

American Indian kids were sent to schools where they faced retributions for speaking their native languages, and we all remember what happened to Neisa during World War II, which was the only thing Franklin Delano Roosevelt did wrong.

It's simply hilarious to watch racist clowns scream at poor immigrants to do something that they can't do themselves.  As for myself, I'm fluent in Foul, YOU STUPID, INBRED, BRAINDEAD, RACIST SON OF A WHORE!  Now, FUCK OFF!