Tuesday, January 1, 2019

American Nazi, Donald Trump: Racist and Murderer

There is no difference between a Republican and a Nazi-and there is your proof. All conservatives are dangerous to American freedom and must be arrested before they go after another group of people whom they hate. The American stock market is tanking and Trump's boys are turning on each other in the futile hope that they won't be reciting their marriage vows to big and hairy men in federal prison.  Syphilitic as Trump's brain apparently is, he is looking more impotent by the millisecond, and reports state that he is losing faith in Mike Pence. Trump has discriminated against blacks, Hispanics, the disabled, and immigrants. He has murdered children in his concentration camp. It's time to have this bigot arrested by the United Nations and sentenced-no trial. Those children didn't a trial, so we just have Trump and Pence go to 13-step.....unless you hate America and want him and Pence to continue the destruction of our reputation and our existence as a nation. Just one thing. Is it true that a fat man is decapitated after he goes through the trapdoor of the gallows? I'll tell you why that would be fun to watch-because the human head is alive, conscious, and fully aware.   This was discovered during the French Revolution.  One man took fourteen minutes to succumb to the execution after it had been carried out. This means that Trump and Pence will see the demons running toward them moments before Trump and Pence are escorted to Hell!
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