Friday, May 10, 2019

I'm Sorry That American Liberals Are Pussies, Europe. They Just Don't Want To Fight Conservatives.

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Nothing changes with conservatives.  They're still the same inbred racist sons of bitches that they always were, so we have to do something about it.

Reverend King's failures only made things worse, as you cannot drive out hate with love-only a shovel to a racist's face can destroy his prejudice-and if he never gets up from that headshot, so much the better for the human race.

While I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I lived in the Santa Clarita Valley for a time and I had to deal with very stupid and extremely closed-minded conservatives who truly believed that I didn't want to improve myself; that my learning disabilities were a "liberal excuse".   Well, these are the same fuckers who voted for Trump so that he could turn America into 1933 Germany, and the only thing that makes me angrier than a Trump voter is a pussy liberal who refuses to stand up for his rights.

There's nothing wrong with sodomizing a conservative.  Most of them like it anyway-just listen to the evening news and you'll hear about another one who got caught in a motel room with a young boy.

Conservatives are simply sick fucks, but American liberal volunteers are cowards-and that's even worse because their cowardice enables a conservative to engage in his sick behavior and his antisocial ideas with regarding rape victims.

What will it take for liberals to grow balls instead of breasts?  Don't ask me, because I've waited for quite a while.

I'm sorry, Europe.  I wish I were Superman, but I can't do it alone.

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