Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Thank You

I don't know if I say this often enough, but I thank everyone who comes to this site.

Yes, I'm a pissed off American liberal who can't stand to see what's becoming of his country-especially since I voted for Hillary.

Yes, I may go overboard with my zeal for social justice.

Yes, I laugh at things which I probably shouldn't-like when a conservative gets incurable cancer as karma for all the racist things he said about President Obama and for laughing when Trump made fun of the reporter who suffers from Parkinson's Disease.

Some people see that as evil.  I see it as 'payback's a hooker with the jack'.

It's wrong to separate children from their families.
It's wrong to force a rape victim into motherhood.
It's wrong to steal from American students so that the American war machine can be fed.
It's wrong for anyone to make profits off of the sick and dying.

However, for me, they can cancel out.

That's why I laugh at conservatives who experience tragedy.

Will I have to answer for that when my soul leaves my body?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  Jesus doesn't approve of what I do, but He knows why I do it and the intent is more important than the act itself.

Thank you for realizing that not all Americans are insane.

I hate Trump, so do a lot of people.  However, they're too scared to do anything and only the insane do things by themselves.

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