Thursday, December 13, 2018

American Progressives Are More Concerned About Illusions Than They Are Saving Children's Lives

Those who voted for Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders never cared about McKenzie Adams -and now she’s dead.
The 9-year-old from Alabama had no intention of hanging herself on December 3, but she the racist taunts, among which were:
”Just die,” and “Kill yourself.”
She made friends with a white boy, which is still a cardinal sin in the South, and according to the report from The Washington Post, the two rode their bikes together.
One taunt with which  McKenzie with was: “You think you’re white because you ride with that white boy.”
McKenzie reported the bullying to teachers and an assistant principal at her school, U.S. Jones Elementary School.

Of course, nothing was done, and Alex Braswell, an attorney for the Demopolis City Board of Education performed an internal investigation and stated that there was no evidence to support Adams’ desperate claims.
 Hypocritically, the motto for the school is: Where hope begins and dreams come true.  However, the progressives destroyed McKenzie’s dreams when they stubbornly refused to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Votes have consequences, and civil rights are more important than fighting corruption.  Those who voted for Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein murdered McKenzie by remote control in the voting booth, but they will never take responsibility for McKenzie’s suicide, and that makes progressives worse than conservatives.
Conservatives are racist, but progressives are not the least concerned about the issue of protecting civil rights.  They only want to fix a system which shouldn’t be fixed.
How many more McKenzie Adamses are being ignored by the Sandersteins?  It is clear that the Sandersteins of our political system will always be in some LSD-induced state, because they don’t care about bullied children like McKenzie Adams.  
They just want free marijuana from Bernie or Jill.
On behalf of this evil nation, McKenzie, I am so sorry we failed you. Your dream of being a scientist was destroyed by a racist nation and by a group of old and white Hippies who thought more of their ridiculous political agenda (which will never come to pass) than they did you.

I wish I had known of you because I would have tried to help. 
Grown ups are hypocritical bastards, McKenzie.  Then again, you already know that.  I only pray that you can get your justice; that those who taunted you, those who ignored you, and those who lied about you meet cruel fates in the end.
Don’t worry, McKenzie, because that’s what always happens.
Your smile will return-maybe sooner than you realize.
 Take care, little girl.  You ARE loved.