Thursday, November 1, 2018

What The Fuck Is Going On Here? And Why Now? Couldn't God Have Gotten His Shit Together Sooner-Or Did He Just Get Off on the Misery He Caused Two People Who Deeply Loved Each Other Through The Course of Time?

I can't figure out what the fuck is going on here.

One leaves, and another from a different time magically appears.

I couldn't believe that the woman with whom I fell in love with three years ago still wants to be with me and still wants to marry me.

I'm not going to go into the the details.  It was too painful-for both of us.  I don't know what she did to deal with it, but I went off the rails by driving faster, fighting more, and being more of a pain in the ass than a hepatitis shot.

We magically found each other again the same way we met-online.

Now, truth be told, I do have my problems with God, but I almost wonder if He had something to do with this.  Everyone here knows that I have no respect for religion because of its shortsightedness, intolerance, stupidity, and bigotry-yet, I'm no Atheist.  Gravitational forces prove to me that there is a God.  Cycles tell me there is a God.  However, what kind of God Who threatens us with eternal punishment for sexual immorality allows separation from two people who love each other?

That's a sick fuck-and I'll never forgive Him for that.  He has to answer for that sin, as He Himself said that people should be together in Genesis 2:18 and Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 7:9 that anyone who can't control himself should be allowed to be married.  That being stated, as the late George Carlin said, "Someone's losing fuckin' ground."
The late Ronnie James Dio summed it up succinctly in Heaven and Hell (title track, 1980)

The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. It's Heaven and Hell!

My question is why now? 

Did she and I have to struggle the way that we did?  Who the hell was the Father to do that to us?  He had no right to do it-remember Genesis 2:18.

The problem is that liberals like me are too intelligent for the likes of the Lord.  We know His every move; every thought...every trick.  In fact, Jehovah is not much different than Lucifer if you read the Book of Job-which is bullshit anyway.

Genesis 6:3 states that Man has a lifetime limit of 120 years.
Genesis 6:3 3Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years."

Explain how Job lived to 140.

Job 42:16-17 English Standard Version (ESV)

16 And after this Job lived 140 years, and saw his sons, and his sons' sons, four generations. 17 And Job died, an old man, and full of days

Inconsistencies are all over the place, but I digress.

When God allegedly states that what He puts together no man should separate, and separation happens, HE is to blame.  After all, did He not save three men in a furnace?  This poor woman is 41 and she has missed me every day.  I was not allowed to call her.

Religionists are very controlling and do more damage than good, and she is the perfect example of this.


It's Laughable

It's laughable whenever I deal with a religious conservative.  I may not be the most jovial person on Earth, but it's crazy when you read their responses.  Tons of hate-of which they want to accuse me.  However, Proverbs 15:1 states that a gentle answer turns away wrath, and Proverbs 18:19 states that someone wronged is harder to convince than conquering a fortified city.

There are many people who were wronged in this world, and we run into them every day.  The best thing to do is to give them some kind of benefit of the doubt because we don't know their experiences.  Furthermore, even if we are familiar with their experiences, we didn't experience it from their situations.

That's one of the main problems with most Americans, as many of them have had relatively easy lives and were able to maneuver the obstacle course which everyone must go through without much trouble.  However, these are the same group who criticize those who experienced trouble and were never helped.

That's why religiosity is more humorous than a dead baby joke.   These people love to hit others over the head with a holy book, but they do nothing to help them.  That's why there is so much hatred-especially in this country these days.

Doesn't their book tell these people to be merciful?   Ah!  Here it is!

Jude 1:22!   "Be merciful to those who doubt."

Now, how long do we give these people?  Matthew 18:22 gives the answer.  With respect to whom exactly our neighbors are, the answer is found here: Luke 10:25-37 .

It's simply amazing how hateful most Americans who proclaim to be religious really are, but then Gandhi addressed that when he said that He liked Christ, but not Christians.  Why?  Because they don't act like Christ.  They don't even try-especially when there's a Republican in the White House or in the Governor's Mansion, but that's okay.  Let them have their All Saint's Day and wait till they face their doom in Matthew 25:42-46.

There are many people who struggle spiritually because of the toxic religiosity of hypocrites who don't even try to live out the Great Commission; those Sunday morning Christians who become cruel monsters as soon as they leave the sanctuary.  It's sad that there is no longer any mercy in religion, but that's okay.

Watch the tides, brother.  Just watch the tides.  2 Peter 3:4 is coming very soon.  That's when it all changes for the better.