Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Their Solution Never Worked

by Jim Rousch

Donald Trump said that cutting Social Security would cut the deficit, and he knows what all one has to do is cut military spending and raise taxes, because that works every time.

Once again, the Facebook opened their mouths in shock, and that is because most of them are leftovers from the Hippie era and wouldn’t dare to stand up for themselves, so they didn’t take my response very well, as I saw the emoji of disbelief next to my suggestion:

“Fine, keep ignoring my solution to the problem because MY solution is the ONLY solution with any hope of fixing this problem.

1) Voting doesn't work, because the elections are rigged.

2) Term limits don't work because the good one has to leave and you end up with a Ted Cruz.

One thing ALWAYS works, but you don't want to go there because you're all cowards.  However, I have plenty enough of hatred inside of me against conservatives, while you can't bring yourselves to fathom the thought.”

Let tell you something.  We're going down that road anyway because the Republicans are taking our rights from us.

It’s no wonder why no one fears the modern American left.  Some of those people just need to put the pipe down and admit that olive branches don’t work as well as baseball bats.