Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Washington Post reported Thursday night that Rand Paul's (R-Kentucky) bill to strip Planned Parenthood of funding had gone down in flames like the Hindenburg.

It's bad enough that Republicans refuse to learn that no one fucks with a woman's pussy.  However, it's even worse that there are women out there who vote for these advocates of rape.  This is especially true in the South, where religion prevails over common sense.

Look, if you choose to keep it, fine, but no one has the right to tell a child that she has to keep what her uncle forced in her!

The next thing the Republicans will try, and have proposed, is setting limits on family planning and a woman's right to choose, with one bill in Ohio outlawing all abortions,  regardless of circumstance, according to, which is part of the USA TODAY chain.

Remember when George W. Bush talked about the idea of compassionate conservatism?  That was shit, wasn't it?  Conservatives are as compassionate as Adolf Hitler, who was a fascist son of a bitch, himself.  Don't give this columnist any bullshit about how he was a leftist because of the word socialist within the name of the party in Germany.  The fucker was purely a fascist.

As the Republicans continue to move further to the theocratic right, there is nothing left to do but to fight them with all we have.  Middle-class liberals who live in houses controlled by homeowner associations need to shed their cowardice and don on the warpaint, or camouflage, if you will.

Republicans need to understand that you do not fuck with that pussy.  It brought you in and it will gladly take you out.  It's more powerful than any thermonuclear device, and if any man fucks with it, it ultimately ruins him.

Just ask David, Solomon, and Samson.  Hell, the late Sam Kinison told you that thirty years ago, but I guess some guys forgot.

Let's see if this blue wave that I keep hearing about is true.  This writer has his doubts because of how American elections are controlled and manipulated by the right, but I guess we'll find out November.

Something Is Wrong With the Boys

I was at one of the Valero gas stations in Littleton, Colorado Thursday where I gassed my 2015 Dodge Dart.  After paying inside for fuel (cash), I noticed a young man with a Toyota Camry-which  is a formidable vehicle in its own right.

"How fast can that thing go?" I asked him.

"I don't know," he answered.

"The fuck you mean you don't know?  Don't you ever floor that car?"

"I'll get a ticket."

"Yeah?  And?  How old are you, kid?"


"Oh, my fucking God!  You're supposed to get speeding tickets at nineteen!  I got 'em all the time in L.A.when I was your age (1989)!  Why do you think the car insurance is so high for those under 25?!"

Is this what our young men have become-afraid to go .5 past light speed?

Shouldn't we let boys be boys and let them hit the pavement a few times before they finally realize that getting a speeding ticket is too expensive?  While it might be true that he may already know that, what caught my attention most was his tone of voice, because he sounded like a little lamb that was on its way to a slaughterhouse.

"Well, next time, I do it-just for you," he promised.

"Doubt it,"  I countered.

I drove a 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix when I was 19.  Even the young guys who souped up their Hondas fifteen years ago weren't afraid to go past the century mark, but I don't know about this generation.  It seems as though their wings have been clipped-and that's sad.