Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Aerosmith is PISSED at Trump

Aerosmith is pissed at Trump, according to CNN.

The band published a cease and desist letter to Trump which demanded that Trump stop playing their material at his rallies.

Trump has pulled this off before back in 2015, when he played Dream On, according to Yahoo News on Wednesday.

This all happened on the same day that Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to eight criminal counts in federal court on Tuesday, including campaign finance violations related to payments made to women who claim to have had affairs with Trump, so it's probably safe to figure that he will work in Robert Mueller in exchange for a lighter sentence.

The point is that Aerosmith has never been a corporate band, and Donald Trump is about as much as a corporate cockswallower as they cum (no pun intended).

You almost wonder how many other bands are going to sue this punk, because he's not going to have any money left at the rate he's going.

40% of Republican Voters Don't Care if the Russians Interfere! But the Sandernistas Still Want Their Way Like the Children That They Are!

40% of Republican votes have no problem with Russian interference in the 2018  midterms, according to .

That's treason, you know.

Meanwhile, Facebook liberals are acting like the little girls that they are; in disbelief.  I told this, but they didn't listen to me two years ago, so I feel none of their frustration or pain now.  In fact, it has gotten worse.

Al Jones And they think something is wrong with us
Eileen Leddy- Viviano Do you see this escalating to something we cannot avoid?
Mark Powell Yes, sadly. A second Civil War is coming. No matter WHO wins, it will be called "Russian tampering".
Jim Rousch Mark Powell I cannot wait to deport conservatives!
Jim Rousch I told you morons the same thing two years ago, and you jackballs accused me of being a Russian troll.

I’ll never forgive any of you for that. A lot of you idiots voted for Jill Stein because you didn’t get your way at MY PARTY’S convention.

To Hell with Bernie Sanders and may you all burn right next to him and Jill Stein.
Mark Powell Jim Rousch Lead the way to Hell, Asshat. Just because you LIKE corporate bought Center-Right candidates over Right Wingnut Batshit insane ones, doesn't mean WE will stop fighting to get a REAL progressive. (Hillary is NOT a Liberal, nor a Progressive, she IS the Swamp that Trump talked about.) We HAVE to change how things are done or it will just continue to get worse, just as it has gotten worse under EVERY President since Johnson.
Jim Rousch Mark Powell Okay, you want four more years of a tyrant. I accept that. Have a nice evening.

By the way, Hillary was the 11th most liberal member of the Senate.

You are the reason why we have Donald Trump.

Thank you for destroying the United States of America due to your immaturity and your selfishness. You are part of the problem, so either vote for the Democrat-no matter who it is-or get what's coming to you if Trump steals this election.
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Now, truth be told, I don't know who this guy really is.  He be a Independent simpleton or he could be a Russian troll.  I labeled him the latter in the heat of the moment.  It's difficult these days because a lot of these Independents watch shows the level of their single digit IQ.

These Sandernistas are just as bad as the Republicans, as they are just as intolerant of other views.  They also support a very narrow agenda; that of bank regulation.

While that's a good start, they don't care about civil rights-which is more important.  I mean, bankers can be lynched, and that sends the message.  We need to put more people with developmental disabilities in full-time positions right now.

Why don't Berniebots talk about that?   It's because they are stuck up white Yuppies who only think of themselves.

The funny part comes when I prove my liberal credentials.  They get even angrier then, and that's just another sign that they are socially immature and have no business in a voting booth.

America needs a Democrat in the White House.  The world needs a Democrat in the White House.  The Sandernistas should just go home and smoke their free dope so we can get rid of Donald Trump and make American SANE again.

Here's The Poison in their Brainwashed Minds

I know that many of you around the world wonder why so many Americans fell for this chump, Donald Trump.

Well, it's pretty easy.

First of all, Trump voters were white people who believed that they were somehow losing their heritage due to an influx an immigrants.  This is something America has gone through before.

Let me tell you about the Know Nothings.

The  Know Nothings went by the name of American Party and were strongly nativist, and most of its members were from the working class sector of American society (you can see the similarities, huh?).

They did achieve a level of power and did accomplish two positive things: being members of the working class they got rid of debtor prisons.  However, they were also very prejudiced and saw immigrants as a major threat to the American way of existence-just like the vast majority of Trump voters today.  The one thing that even I didn't know is that this party proposed the set up of stronger safety measures for railroad crossings.

Those who were attracted to this party saw government as corrupt and ineffective.  By the way, who says the same thing right now?

Remember what Trump said in one of his speeches?

"Politicians are all talk, no action."

This attracted those who voted for him, as they still hate Washington, D.C.  The wild thing now is that Trump proposes the dismantling of democracy-while he puts members of his own family in positions of power.

They proposed a ban on voting for immigrants.

Who does that sound like?

This party was funded by rich Bostonians who understood how stupid the average blue-collar man was (and still is), according to
In other words, this party was controlled by an enter group of Donald Trumps who easily exploited the working man's fears and his hatred of Irish immigrants.

Substitute Mexico for Ireland and you understand that history has repeated itself.

There is a sector of the American population that falls for the same crap every time, and they are so stupid that they aren't even smart enough to question what they were told to believe.  They just agree with it, like sheep to be slaughtered.

While I tell amateur Democrats to stay away from these dumbasses, they continue to wonder why these Trump voters remain loyal to him-and this is what gets me in trouble on Facebook, as we know what happens to those who don't remember the past.  Amateur  Democrats who work on local campaigns for alongside their fellows in local Democratic clubs never understand why the blue-collar fools drink the same Kool-Aid, and this columnist is tired of telling them, because they truly believe that they can sit these animals down and educate them.

And they wonder why an idiot from the Alt-Right wants to shoot them!

I say that we just let Trump voters go the way of the Know Nothings: die out.  The only difference is that the cause of death for this group of white supremacists and anti-immigrant bastards is their blatant opposition to Obamacare-which is something that everyone should laugh at as if they watched a Tom and Jerry or Roadrunner cartoon.

Hey, some people just see the demise of the truly moronic as family entertainment, so please just grant me this one luxury, because it's all I can laugh at during the course of these darkest days of American history.