Friday, July 6, 2018

For Jennie's Sake

Do you know why I am awake at 4:15 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time?

I can't sleep because I have a screwed up spine, a chipped-up left shoulder, and I have to figure out how in the hell I'm going to get my girlfriend over here when her contract as a damn maid in the United Arab Emirates is up.

She lives in the Philippines and we came across each other on a dating site-and no, she hasn't asked me for a you can just shut your mouth right there.  Actually, she's working her heart out for her children.

She has family here.

It's very hard to sleep when someone you love wants you as much as you want them and you're a universe apart.

What I have to do is somehow get some kind of gig and work through the pain as much as I possibly can, because she and I have calculated the costs-and I'm going to have to work my ass off.

It's not that she'll leave because I'm broke right now.  She knows my circumstances.  She knows what my ex-wife did to me after I got hurt at Walmart.  We talk about it often-and we get deep into the discussion.

How bad off am I?

I'm currently in physical therapy, where my entire upper-left side hurts like hell after the session.  My spine and my shoulder are pushed to the San Andreas, and I feel the affects for the next twelve to twenty-four hours.

I can't do much of anything after therapy, and keep in mind that I haven't a regular full-time job in three years because of this.   There are even times when I have to take breaks from typing because of the pain.  In fact, I can feel the needles in my left-middle and left ring fingers as I work on this article, but I'm determined to finish this because I have to get the words out of me.

I suppose that I get this discipline from my late grandfather, Charles Horace Bogard (1905-1998), because he worked through the Great Depression and World War II with a brutal back which caused him intense pain most of the time.

A job is a job, and I have to finish this one.  I might not be able to lift a box anymore, but I can still use my brain and put my thoughts to the computer.

I just hope it's enough for Jennie's sake.

You Know What Karma Is

Former L.A.P.D. sergeant, Stacy Koon, faces two misdemeanor counts for smashing his vehicle into a parked pick-up truck in the Castaic area, northwest of Los Angeles, California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Koon went to federal prison for civil rights violations when he supervised the beating of black motorist, Rodney King.  The initial acquittal in Simi Valley (a heavily white and conservative area of Southern California) led to the L.A. riots.  This, in turn, solidified Bill Clinton's victory in the 1992 election-even though President George H.W. Bush nationally and honestly aired his disgust in a primetime speech from the Oval Office.

I may have despised Bush the Elder, but I took him at his word when he told Americans that he felt shock and anger.  It's 26 years later, and I still do.

As far as police officers go, they are known for their problems with substance abuse, according to  They are also notorious for incidents of domestic violence, according to The Atlantic (

The sad thing is that not every police officer is like that-even in America...where cops are known to shoot people in the back and plant a weapon.  One occasionally finds the honest beat cop who truly tries to make his neighborhood a better place to live.  The problem is there is something in America called the Code of Silence, whereby a good cop is expected to keep his mouth shut-if he wants back up, anyway.

I knew a former Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy who fell victim to the philosophy, as he reported a wrong to his supervisor and was labeled as a snitch.

That was the end of his career in law enforcement.

As far as Stacy Koon is concerned, he won't get much protection because he was a national embarrassment to the Los Angeles Police Department.  He cost the police chief his job, as Daryl Gates had no other choice other than to retire. 

However, I don't think we have to worry about Stacy Koon anymore, as you know what karma is.  We don't have to call him Stacy Koon now.  We can just call him by his new name: Ben...Dover, that is!