Thursday, July 5, 2018

You Know What Karma Is

Former L.A.P.D. sergeant, Stacy Koon, faces two misdemeanor counts for smashing his vehicle into a parked pick-up truck in the Castaic area, northwest of Los Angeles, California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Koon went to federal prison for civil rights violations when he supervised the beating of black motorist, Rodney King.  The initial acquittal in Simi Valley (a heavily white and conservative area of Southern California) led to the L.A. riots.  This, in turn, solidified Bill Clinton's victory in the 1992 election-even though President George H.W. Bush nationally and honestly aired his disgust in a primetime speech from the Oval Office.

I may have despised Bush the Elder, but I took him at his word when he told Americans that he felt shock and anger.  It's 26 years later, and I still do.  I lived near Los Angeles during the goings-on.

As far as police officers go, they are known for their problems with substance abuse, according to  They are also notorious for incidents of domestic violence, according to The Atlantic (

The sad thing is that not every police officer is like that-even in America...where cops are known to shoot people in the back and plant a weapon.  One occasionally finds the honest beat cop who truly tries to make his neighborhood a better place to live.  The problem is there is something in America called the Code of Silence, whereby a good cop is expected to keep his mouth shut-if he wants back up, anyway.

I knew a former Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy who fell victim to the philosophy, as he reported a wrong to his supervisor and was labeled as a snitch.

That was the end of his career in law enforcement.

As far as Stacy Koon is concerned, he won't get much protection because he was a national embarrassment to the Los Angeles Police Department.  He cost the police chief his job, as Daryl Gates had no other choice other than to retire.   However, I don't think we have to worry about Stacy Koon now, as you know what karma is.  We don't have to call him Stacy Koon anymore.  We can just call him by his new name: Ben...Dover, that is!