Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Why the American "Resistance" Is Failing The World

Pew Research reported on June 20, 2018 that less than half of the American voting population believes that Donald Trump respects American democratic institutions.  That being the case, it should not be difficult to get this asshole out of the White House before dinner time, but surprisingly.....


So, what's the problem if Trump is so unpopular in America?  Well, the American left is at war with itself-as usual. 

You have the liberals who want to just win the election so that we can save the country, and you have progressives.  Progressives have good intentions, but their proposals are poorly marketed and scare the average American voter into voting against his own best economic interests by voting Republican.

Progressives are too intelligent for their own good.  They simply cannot understand why a poor blue-collar worker who can't pay rent would vote for someone like Donald Trump.  Well, it's like the science nerd who tries to flirt with pretty girls in the library.

An American progressive may have a good heart which is the right place, but his strategy sucks.  He can't convince a dumbass who goes to church three times a week (and twice on Sundays) that universal healthcare is good for everyone.  He might not want people to suffer, but I don't care whether or not the American voting public suffers, because they have to learn the hard way.

Remember when Russians complained about Ivan?  What did he do?  He split town and the Russia fell apart without him.  It was after massive pleading that Ivan returned to the throne and became known as the Terrible.

A gentler example is the Great Depression, in which millions of Americans lost everything and died in the street because they couldn't find a job, thanks to Herbert Hoover's lack of regulations on the business sector and the banking sector.

It took a liberal named Franklin Delano Roosevelt to control the banking sector with an iron fist (although some controls were established 20 years earlier by President Wilson under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) and Roosevelt had to establish some form of social income so that people didn't die poor when they were no longer capable of working.

Social Security was born.

The American people were willing to accept these acts of legislation because the Republicans refused to protect them from economic hardship.

What American progressives of today don't understand and refuse to accept is that the American voter has to be willing to accept needed changes.  While Americans weren't willing to accept President Bill Clinton's Healthcare Security Act of 1993, they did (and still do) accept Obamacare, according to Bruce Japsen's March 4, 2018 article in Forbes.


While American progressives whine about how there is no public option (which was killed by Republicans), Americans don't go bankrupt because of an illness anymore, nor do they die in waiting rooms, as they did prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

American voters had to die in waiting rooms and American families had to lose everything they owned in order to accept needed change.  However, none of these changes would have happened if the liberals weren't able to shut down the progressives.

Progressives just need to shut up and let liberals take control of this resistance against Donald Trump-before he steals another presidential election and makes himself President for Life.