Thursday, May 3, 2018

Can My TBI Become CTE?

Living with traumatic brain injury is bad enough-and everyone here knows that I have it and how I got it during my infancy.

Not only do I have to wonder what the second seizure did to me in 2007, but I now have to worry whether or not I have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.  While football and soccer players are known to have this condition, I have to check this out because I suffered numerous blows to the head when I worked at Walmart.

You see, the pallets broke-a lot.

If the information which I am currently reviewing from the Mayo Clinic is any indication, I think that I will take a pass on the autopsy, because that seems to be the only time to make said diagnosis.

I do not have cognitive problems at this time.  However, my hands do shake and it’s harder for me to control my temper.

I try to control my impulses.

I am aggressive toward objects more than I am people-unless they don’t listen.

I have never been able to plan or execute executive function, so that’s nothing new.

I don’t drink or smoke (Phineas Gage became an alcoholic).

I gave up on the thought of committing suicide-years ago..

I become quite irate, but won’t physically attack.  As for verbal attacks, that’s a different paradigm.  Just don’t fuck with me, okay?

I have always had some motor impairment because of the meningitis, but my hands shake more often, so I must investigate.

There is a possibility that I may come up with this later in life because of the pallets which hit me in the head.

Yeah, God loves my ass, alright-enough to fuck me over more than once. 

The best source for information on this is

This puts Proverbs 22:24 in perspective, does it not?  This is the verse which tells the ignorant not to make friends with an angry man and to not hang around anyone who has a short fuse.
Again, this particular book was not written by a doctor with a psychology degree, but by an idiot who had no understanding of the human brain, nor how it worked.  The Bible was written by ignorant fools who judged people they didn’t take the time to understand.  Hence, there is no reason to pay any attention to it, as ignorance only worsens relationships between people and leads to painful misunderstandings.

I have no remorse.  I have done nothing wrong.  I guess this goes back to a little thing which happened at church not too long ago.  Then again, the person who interfered was once a cop-and we all know how bright they are-not very.

Let Me Tell You

Part of this year has been absolute crap for me, as I had to rewrite remediation after remediation in order to satisfy some faculty member who has no idea of my neurological situation, nor the way I was treated by a member of Technical Support at school.

I will not give out this person's name, but it seems as if she has had a hard-on for me, and the more I have tried to write this remediation correctly, the more I have thought about opening a Donner Cafe, because she simply does not understand the situation from whence I came.  This has been like experiencing the early part of my college career all over again.

While I'm not the only one who experiences this, I am probably one of the few who will make a statement about this, as you read the details in the previous article.

Quite simply, I refuse to put up with bullshit unless I'm paid or laid, and anyone who does not fit under those two criteria can suck horse dick for all I care.


This is how dickheads are made, not born.

All one has to do to instill a "bad attitude" in someone is criticize every fucking thing they do, with no break in the chain.

There is the idea of being a professional and then there is the reality of being human.  Those who refuse to accept the humanity of professionalism should take a Louisville Slugger to their own ass-no lube.