Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Where Was the Good Toddler With The Gun?

A pregnant mother was shot by her own toddler today according to USA TODAY.

Fuck yeah, this is funny!  Where was the good toddler with the gun??

This happened today in Indiana, one of those red states, where their amygdalas are so overactive that they feel the need to arm toddlers.  In this case, the three-year-old found her father's gun in the back seat of the car.

The father was taken into custody, according to officials from the Lake County Sheriff's Department.  The incident occurred at a parking lot outside of a Plato's Closet.

This just gets more interesting all the time, doesn't it?

The reason why the Second Amendment needs to be repealed is because the common people abuse it.  The Founding Fathers entrusted us to be careful with firearms, because they faced serious foreign threats in the late 18th Century, primarily from the British Empire, who had still not accepted the fact that they lost the war in 1783.

Americans behaved responsibly with their firearms once upon a crime, but now they just let their children shoot their siblings for no apparent reason-other than the possibility that they want all of Mommy and Daddy's chitlins some day.

It's quite possible that this incident might not be funny (depending upon one's sense of humor).  However, when Wayne LaPierre opened the door when he stated that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun was with a good guy with a gun.

Well, how do you stop bad babies with guns?  I mean, that's what I would like to know, and it would be interesting to see how conservatives respond to this...but I'll bet you $5 they won't.   It's just an isolated incident to them which doesn't happen very often. 

Yeah, right.  Go tell to father who was arrested for being a dumbass.