Friday, March 23, 2018

The Problem Is.....

It's funny when I'm accused by my critics of being a conservative, but I understand why that is.

First, I don't believe in peace as a vehicle for change.  Look at civil rights in the United States, for example.  An unarmed black man was murdered on his own property by the police in Sacramento, California four days ago.

Do "progressives" talk about this?

No, they are more concerned about interest rates and Wall Street billionaires.  Civil rights mean nothing to "progressives" in the United States.  They never mention equal access for children with disabilities and they never address police shootings.  It's always those crooked banksters.

To their credit, CEOs are crooked as all hell, but there are more important issues to fight against.  Furthermore, American "progressives" are too chickenshit to do what every other economically oppressed populous in the world has done to address to problem of income inequality: go to war.

War has worked every single time in which it has been used to equalize the economic playing field.  However, these "progressives" simply whine about their hopes and whine when another election has been stolen by the Republican Party. 

While I'm no fan of the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, I'm not above arming myself with a Louisville Slugger and a butcher knife if it came right down to the pavement.  I know that Donald Trump is out to get rid of me and mine.  The only difference between myself and most of the grassroots American left is that I am willing to fight because I know voting no longer works.

If They Were Stupid Enough To Go To Iraq, Treat 'Em Like Crap

The Independent reported of the link between American oil companies and the war in Iraq.

Now, you can speak for yourself, but there are some who will never forgive American suckers for playing GI-Joe because they bought George W. Bush's bullshit-and this columnist is one of them.

Many a time was I told to leave this "free" nation due to my opposition of that quagmire.  I even told two recruiters: "Either you motherfuckers find those weapons of mass destruction we are told exist, or don't even bother coming back.  You read me, assholes?"

That's what happens when someone questions this particular liberal's patriotism.  Another thing which can happen is that there are some liberals who get angry enough as to wish one's son shipped home in a 'fucking box,' as I said to a military mother who told me to leave this country-even though

I had supported the war in Afghanistan.

Now that we only have six years left in our commitment to that hellhole, all we have to do is make fun of the idiots if they go over there-which I do...all the time.

Since no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, if they went to Iraq, we can treat 'em like crap-for wasting our money and damaging our reputation.

Hey, they weren't drafted, so fuck 'em-and you're damn right that I demonstrated against that quagmire.

Hey, at least I didn't kill any civilians in Haditha, right?

Freedom for the Oppressed: The Pretender Who Cries Wolf and the Berniebrats W...

Freedom for the Oppressed: The Pretender Who Cries Wolf and the Berniebrats W...: Wha...

The Pretender Who Cries Wolf and the Berniebrats Who Keep the Public Address System Turned On

Whatever happened to Dictator Trump's promise to cut spending?  Did you see how much this budget is going to cost Americans?

It's so funny when another subject is brought up which the Republican Party does not have: credibility.

In 1944, Thomas Dewey's presidential message was: "Get Back To Work Quicker With Dewey and Bricker!" 
However, now, the Republican Party wants people to believe that the same party which destroyed the Clinton miracle of 1993-2001 can outdo Barack Obama-all the while Harley-Davidson and Carrier cut jobs during the Trump Regime.

Finally, this same loser, who claimed to be a great business man, signed a $1.3 trillion budget, according to MSNBC.  This means that the United States will be in a deeper financial disaster than it's ever been in before-especially when tax cuts are involved.

The saddest thing about this is that the Berniebrats (who are not Democrats) started a civil war within the Democratic Party, while the Republicans spend at will on things we don't need and neglect things which need to be addressed-like our roads and bridges.  These "idealists" are not intelligent to understand that potential consequence of this is another four years of Trump.

Meanwhile, we have liberals who scramble around in circles as if they don't know what to do.  Were the party completely united, we could expel the Berniebrats and take care of business.  However, that seems to be a difficult task for the moment, as the Berniebrats gain more power on social media in their attempt to push the Democratic Party toward an unwinnable position.

Hey, I'd love to see the Democratic Party go as far to the left as it did in the 1930s and 1940s, but with Middle American voters being as stupid as they are, that's just not possible at the moment, and
the Berniebrats just aren't smart enough to understand that.