Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chocolate Bacon

It's almost as if there's someone out there to kill us, because I found something interesting in a gas station on Thursday near Pueblo, Colorado: chocolate covered bacon.

My first thought was that someone was crazy.  However, that quickly changed when I really thought about the American diet:

Fried crap.

So, it actually makes sense.

The American consumer has allowed himself to be programmed by the food companies to eat this garbage-and then he wonders why he has diabetes.

Look, man.  Just take up heroin addiction if you want to play with needles, because it's the same idea.

I try to stay away from this, as for myself, because having the needletracks of a smack addict doesn't necessarily appeal to me-as I am terrified of needles, for one.  However, I don't see the attraction.  I mean, I lived across the street from McDonald's when I lived in Los Angeles, and I went there, what...three times?

Furthermore, diabetes tends to run in my family, so I have to be more aware than the average idiot.    Lastly, I continue to experience a bit of a struggle to the adaptation of the Colorado lifestyle, because it snows from October to April-and sometimes past April.  Compare that to Los Angeles, where rain is a myth.

I walked seven miles a day when I lived in L.A. without thinking about it, and now I have to go to  the gym because it snows too much.  That actually does not bother me because it keeps me aware of how brutal the Grim Reaper can actually be.  I mean, personally, I'd rather go out quickly and painlessly on the freeway, but whatever.

I'll figure this out, because, I don't know about you.  However, as for myself, I don't want to push the needle in.

Thank you, Black Sabbath.