Thursday, December 20, 2018

Traitor and Saboteur.

The Democrats, who know Steel Slats (Wall) are necessary for Border Security, are putting politics over Country. What they are just beginning to realize is that I will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect Border Security. U.S.A. WINS!

Donald Trump has now proven for all time that he is a racist and a traitor.  One has to ask themselves why he doesn’t want a wall across the Canadian border as much as he wants one across the Mexican border.  He literally willing to hold over 300 million people hostage so that he might get his way.  That, my friends, is what a terrorist does.   If Trump is willing to allow our infrastructure to fall apart, millions will die from traveling in unsafe conditions.  Then again, the Democrats could force him to do his job or hold impeachment proceedings, which I am yet to be convinced that Trump would be convicted in a Republican Senate.   Let’s see what happens!


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