Thursday, December 6, 2018

Look At The Trailer Trash With His Arms Crossed result for trump arms crossed at funeral=.eb214785e811


by Jim Rousch

Will you look at this narcissistic piece of dog shit with his arms crossed?  Who the hell does he think that he is?

One would think that someone who is in his seventies would know how to behave at a presidential funeral, but Donald Trump is no president.  He's a piece of trailer trash that they dressed in a suit and tie.  He looks like he believes that he's wasting his time.  Well, this is one of the reasons why Pence was sent in his place.  As much of a bastard as Mike Pence is, he behaves a little better than Wigboy.

I guess that the only funny thing about this is that he's forced to sit next to the black president.  You know that had to hurt, as racist as Trump is.

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