Monday, November 26, 2018


That's all one needs to know.  It's the end.

After 46 years, one of the greatest bands in heavy metal history is going to call it.

It's tough to do this sort of thing for that amount of of time.  I mean, I'm 48, and my body hurts, so I can imagine what theirs are like.  I know Paul Stanley has had shoulder surgery and there have been a couple other fun things that had to be done.

Let's face it.  You're not going to be able to run around for two and a half solid hours in your late sixties or early seventies, either-and Gene will be 70 on August 25.  How much longer does anyone expect it to go on at that level of intensity?

Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer will probably continue for at least a little while, either together or in other bands.  However, they are younger than Paul and Gene-although not by much, as Eric was born in 1958 and Tommy was born in 1960.

You pump out two and a half hours of insanity for 46 years and you're going to probably find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning by the time the horizon is near.   Playing heavy metal is not the easiest thing to do-although most laymen believe that it is.  In fact, it's one of the most difficult forms of music to play.

Jazz is the highest end of music with its improvisation, and classical with it's different timings and plethora of notes.  However, heavy metal takes it's classical roots and instands barbed wire before the bat is swung.

Heavy Metal guitar solos are usually quite complex, like a classical piece; again scores of notes with in seconds.  This is where the arthritis can come in and beat the crap out of you.

And then we get to the vocals, which have changed over the decades.  I can still hit a high F, three octaves up-which is pretty good for someone who is really a baritone, and really shouldn't be hitting high notes at all.

Kiss is the reason why I wanted to be in a band.  Kiss is the reason why I wanted to play heavy metal. Kiss is one of the reasons I didn't blow my brains out at thirteen.

Paul will probably paint for the rest of his life because that seems to be his new passion now.
There is no doubt that Gene will return to acting, and do that for as long as he can, and I already mentioned Eric and Tommy.

As for Ace and Peter, they were given their second chances.  I don't know what transpired, and it's not any of my business, but my guess is that they might play the very final show.

We got our revenge during some crazy nights over the last 46 years.  We rocked and rolled over and helped Kiss build a dynasty which will be nearly impossible to outclass by any future metal act.  It's time for the creatures of the night to seek asylum inside of their psycho circus, which was one hell of a show and an even greater ride.

Thank you.

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